Coronavirus (Covid-19) Policy


The Government has released a set of guidelines that apply to all businesses in the sport and recreation industry. All providers of sport and recreation are now allowed to reopen if they feel ready and deem it safe enough to do so.

We fall under this category and have taken all necessary steps to reopen and operate responsibly and safely. We understand the seriousness of the global situation and want to assure you we are creating solutions for the future.

How we are running safe abseils with Covid-19 in mind

  • Reduced group sizes – We have reduced the maximum size of our groups to ensure we can space out.
  • Thorough cleaning – All equipment will be cleaned before your abseril in accordance with manufactures guidelines.
  • Adjusted teaching methods – We have changed the way we instruct to ensure a safe distance between staff and clients.

What we ask of you

  • Health – If you are showing any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone suspected of having the coronavirus please the Spinnaker to re-book.
  • Respect – Please be mindful of other clients issues and concerns.
  • Equipment – We will provide you with any equipment you need however if you have your own please do bring it with you. Instructors will check to ensure it is suitable before use.

  • Clothing – We are asking you to wear long sleaved clothing (trousers & tops) to ensure you have minimal contact with our equipment.
  • Hygiene – The majority of our courses and trips take place in wild locations and there aren’t normally any facilities available to wash in. We advise everyone to bring their own hand sanitizer with them.

Please bear with us – In these strange times everyone is adjusting, instructors may do things in different ways and so things may not run as smoothly as they normally would.


  • Will I need to wear a mask and gloves? – No, the government guidance on this is very clear and there is no need in an outdoor setting. “The evidence suggests that wearing a face-covering does not protect you, but it may provide some protection for others you come into close contact with if you are infected but have not developed symptoms.”.
    Masks and gloves should be saved for clinical settings or when in a confined space such as public transport.
 If however, you wish to wear a face-covering we are happy to accommodate you.